At Paraling, we help creative people with everything relating to technology. We’re based in London and have been running Paraling since March 2007.

We’ve been supporting designers, photographers and others for decades — long before we formed the company — and can help with everything Apple: a networking problem, syncing your iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets, upgrading to iOS 7 or Apple’s iCloud service, setting up a secure wireless network at home or getting your Macs working well with the Windows PCs in the office.

Our customers work and live all over London and the South East. They’re video editors, photographers, fashion designers, producers, branding specialists, writers, directors, PR agencies and work-at-home startups.

We provide Mac support, tuition and training for everyone from home users to IT directors. Whatever you do, our goal is to make you comfortable with the technology you use.

Call us on 0333 577 5703. We’d love to hear from you.